Pond Liners

Pond Liners

Pondineer Pond Liners

Your pond liner is probably the most critical part of your pond.

So our advice is " Don't skimp on the liner!"

We reccommend  using a Pondineer Fish Safe UV Resistant .45mil EPDM Rubber Pond Liner for your pond or water feature.

 It's simply the best pond liner available, which is why it is the only liner we carry and use ourselves in all our professional installations.

Poor quality liners will crack, tear, roots will easily penetrate from landscape planting as well as pond plantings and all of this causes leaks!

Made from 45 mil EPDM, our Pondineer Pond Liner is durable and puncture resistant, remains flexible and pliable in extreme temperatures, ranging from  -40F to +175F enabling it to be installed any time of the year.

  • Available in a variety of widths, and you choose the length you need for your project
  • It resists harmful UV deterioration and adapts to a wide variety of skimmers.
  • Our pond liner readily accepts pipe and hose penetrations without leaks and is easily seamed.
  • Our Pondineer Pond Liner  contains no plasticizers which become brittle with age and cause cracks and splits.
  • The Pondineer Pond Liner carries a 20 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.