5 tips for mom's pond

Mom's pond is a peaceful refuge

Help keep it that way with these tips and deals!

Now that spring has finally sprung, mom can finally get out there and enjoy the sunshine while she converts her pond from a winter wasteland into the crown jewel of her landscape. Be a good helper and make sure she follows these few simple steps for success:

1. Re-boot the bacteria colony.
After a long winter's nap, her pond's beneficial bacteria population is dangerously low. She'll need to help them reach critical mass by dosing her pond with 1 tablespoon of bacteria per thousand gallons of pond water every day for two weeks.After that, she'll use the same dosage but only once per week. Make sure she's stocked up for the year.

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2. Trim Aquatic Plants:
You know the old saying plants make the pond? Me neither, but it's true. As nature's water filter, plants absorb excess nutrients in mom's pond. Healthy, strong, aquatic plants will absorb more of the nutrients algae feeds on, which will starve and weaken the algae. Make sure to keep mom's plants strong by trimming back old growth, and thinning out overcrowded plants. Aim for 60%-80% coverage of her pond's surface. If mom needs more plants in her pond, check out our plant kits. They include a mix of lilies, marginals, and oxygenators. Just let us know how big her pond is and we'll do the rest.

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3. Fight Algae with Barley
Every pond needs a little algae. It helps oxygenate the water and gives the fish something to nibble on. But if mom's pond looks like like swamp thing's second home, it's time to take action. Add 1oz of HydroBarley Extract per 1000 gallons of pond water to help keep algae under control. Double the dose if the problem persists.

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4. 1 fish, two fish, all from you fish:
If ponds are the crown jewel of the landscape, koi are the crown jewels of the pond. These "living jewels" add beautiful color and movement to your mom's waterscape. We've got several sizes, grades, and fin types to choose from that will give your mom hours of joy out by her pond. Spend some time with her out there.

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5. Build her a water feature
Maybe your sweet mom doesn't have a soul soothing place to relax at home. Nowhere she can go to escape the phone ringing, kids screaming, dad complaining, or the dogs barking. Poor mom! Give her a peaceful, relaxing escape by building her a water feature. Our kits include everything you need (except rocks & water) and we can even help you with plants and fish. Buy mom a pond kit or pondless waterfall kit and save 25% off the regular price.

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Now I'm not saying any of this is as exciting as a new diamond tennis bracelet, but if you follow the advise given here, her pond sure will sparkle like one!

Above all, make sure you spend some quality time with your mom this mother's day.

All the best,
Your friends at ThePondHub.com

5th May 2014 Jason

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