Aquatic Plant Packages - SALE Prices

Aquatic Plant Packages - SALE Prices


Every Pond Needs Aquatic Pond Plants!

In addition to looking great, aquatic plants play a major role in your pond's water quality. Their tiny roots filter the water, absorbing the same nutrients that algae thrives on. This in turn starves the algae and helps to reduce dramatically the algae growth in your pond.

They also serve as shelter for fish, amphibians, snails, and other aquatic creatures.

We've put together several packages of aquatic pond plants for sale that include water lilies, marginals, and submersible oxygenators.

  • Lilies are a wonderful addition to any pond and have floating leaves with the roots anchored in the soil or substrata of the pond.They add color, and shade which helps prevent the algae growth, and they are great oxygenators.
  • Marginal plants are those that live with their roots under the water but the rest of the plant is above the surface. These are usually placed so that the top of the plant is at or barely below the water level. Marginals will not grow through your liner but rather the roots will work through the small rocks and gravel, and act as a wonderful filtration. Marginals work well at the edges of your pond or falls.
  • Submersible Oxegenators are plants that may be free floating or anchored and are typically fast growing plants providing shade, forage for Koi, filtration, oxygenation and visual interest.

 Choose the package closest to your pond size, and whether you need a tropical package or a hardy package.