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  • Canna lily
  • aquatic pond plants pink water lily
  • aquatic pond plants lily pads
  • aquatic pond plants
  • aquatic pond plants
  • aquatic pond plants
  • aquatic pond plants iris marginals
  • aquatic pond plants taro marginals
  • aquatic pond plants spider lily
  • aquatic pond plants marginals
  • A variety of aquatic pond plants from The Pond Hub


 Did you know your pond really needs aquatic plants?

We offer beautiful collections of aquatic plants just right for your size pond.  All you need to know is the approximate size of your pond.

The aquatic plants in and around your pond contribute greatly to the overall balance of your pond's natural ecosystem.

Aquatic plants have tiny roots which absorb fish waste and other nutrients, depriving algae of it's food source, which means clear water for you. Aquatic plants also provide oxygen and remove carbon dioxide, so they actually assist your pond in 'breathing'. They also provide food and shelter for aquatic life. All of which helps create a rich, diverse ecosystem so your pond thrives.

Then of course there is the aesthetic benefit of the lovely look and added value to your overall landscape.

Every aquatic plant package you receive from The Pond Hub will contain a balanced mix of texture, height, flowering color, and be suitable for where you live. We ship directly from our professional grower to insure your plants are expertly packaged and handled.

The color and variety of the plants we ship may change depending on the time of year, and of course the hardiness zone, but we are certain you will be pleased with your aquatic plant assortment!

The pictures shown represent a small sample of the variety of aquatic plants and are not meant to depict exactly what will be in your package.

We do make sure there is a balanced mix of foliage textures and heights, as well as providing you with a good assortment of flowering plants.

We also make sure that your plant package includes a nice mix of marginals and lilies.

  • 4' x 6'     aquatic plant package:  Contains a minimum of  15 marginals & 1 lily

  • 6' x 8'     aquatic plant package:  Contains a minimum of  18 marginals & 2 lilies

  • 8' x 11'   aquatic plant package:   Contains a minimum of  22 marginals & 3 lilies

  • 11' x 11' aquatic plant package:   Contains a minimum of  30 marginals &  4 lilies

  • 11' x 16' aquatic plant package:   Contains a minimum of  34 marginals &  4 lilies

  • 16' x 16' aquatic plant package:   Contains a minimum of  45 marginals & 4 lilies

  • 16' x 21' aquatic plant package:   Contains a minimum of  60 marginals & 6 lilies

Feel free to call us if you need any more information or have any questions at:

877-364-8238 M-F 9:00 to 5:00 eastern, 9:00 - 1:00 Sat. Closed Sundays




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    My plants are stunning!

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Sep 2014

    I was a bit skeptical about buying plants for my pond and waterfall on line, but as there are no nurserys around me I decided to give it a go. I got such a nice mix of plants that were healthy and robust, and got a few more than the minimum in my package. I couldn't be more pleased, and could never have found this great assortment locally. I highly recommend The Pond Hub if you are looking to buy aquatic plants!

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